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Easy Steps To Folding Prefold Cloth Diapers

by GuestPoster on March 1, 2011

There are actually several ways to fold a prefold diaper, some simpler than others.  Below I will give you some easy ways to fold them.  These are pretty standard types of folds.  There are more complicated ones, but those will be for another article. Whether you have Chinese, Indian, hemp or organic cloth diapers, learning some basics will be the key to saving time.  Learning some folding tips is also a good way to prevent leaks. Folding In Thirds Of course, prefolds have three creases, or three panels, with the middle panel being the more absorbent layer.  So, folding prefold cloth diapers in thirds makes basic sense.  This is also called the "tri-fold." Step 1: Lay the diaper flat and lengthwise (usually, if you're prefolds have colored edging, that edging should be on the top or bottom, not the sides).  Simply fold the right panel over the middle. Step 2: Fold the left panel over the other two.  You might want to flare out the top and bottom.  This is not always necessary. Step 3: If pinning, pin the corners together on each side.  If using a cover, simply lay the folded prefold in the cover, put both on your baby and fasten the diaper (velcro or snaps).  You could also fasten the prefold with a snappi, rather than pins.  A snappi is a small, stretchy piece with claws that hooks onto a prefold to secure it, rather than using pins. Pouch Method In this method, we are creating a little pouch between the baby's legs. Step 1: Lay the diaper flat and lengthwise, as you would do in the tri-fold method. Step 2: Lay your baby in the middle of the prefold, straddling it.  The diaper will bunch between your baby's legs, which will form a kind of pouch. Another Standard Fold Step 1: Lay the diaper flat and lengthwise (as above). Step 2: For boys, fold the bottom 3rd of the prefold up.  For boys, do the same from the top. Step 3: Fold in the bottom corners, making the diaper into a sort of V-shape or triangle shape. Step 4: Fold the bottom of the V or triangle up. Step 5: Fold the top two corners of the triangle down to meet the bottom fold from step 4. step 6: Pin, snappi or cover as desired.